Swedish HO Gauge

Y6 and T43

An unusual prototype…

As if our interests weren’t varied enough, we also model the railways of Sweden… a pretty niche interest in the UK.

Daniel’s interest began in the late 90s, when he first met Adrian, director of Adnalms Järnvägar.
Adrian had built a large Swedish model railway in the garden around his home, the ‘Fjällnäs Lövhöjden Månstorp Järnväg’ (FLMJ), and Daniel soon joined the small band of friends carrying out construction, maintenance and operation.

Daniel initially purchased a small number of models to give him something of his own to run on the FLMJ.
However after a couple of holidays to Sweden which further cemented his interest, this collection grew significantly to include a wide variety of models from different eras.
Andrea also started helping on Adrian’s railway and purchased some Swedish models of her own, which has expanded the joint collection even further.

Swedish railway models (like most outside the UK) are generally built to HO scale. They run on the same gauge track as OO models (16.5mm) but are to 1:87 scale (approx 3.5mm to the foot), rather than the less-accurate 1:76 scale (4mm:ft) of OO.

For anyone who wants to know more about the railways of Sweden, Adrian’s Adnalms Järnvägar website has lots of information in English, including a guide to the models available.

Future Plans

Adrian has since moved away and the FLMJ has been dismantled, but we plan to build at least one Swedish model railway in our home to run our collection.

This will probably not happen until after the British OO layout is completed, but the common track gauge will at least allow the Swedish stock the occasional run.