British OO Gauge

Over the years, between us, we have amassed quite a sizeable collection of British OO gauge models.

These have seen outings on friends’ and club layouts, but a shortage of time, money and space has precluded construction of a permanent layout, with the exception of a small oval test track, so they have generally seen very little use.

Now we have settled into our new home with a large spare bedroom, the plan is to build one (or more) British OO gauge layouts to run this collection.

Some track plan ideas have been floated, but construction hasn’t yet started. Keep an eye on this site for more updates as design and construction progresses!


It’s fair to say that the collection is eclectic, however, the majority fit into one of a few key themes:

  • London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS)
  • Mid-90s post-sectorisation British Rail
  • London Transport (old and modern)
  • Trains that we’ve regularly travelled on over the course of our lives.
  • Anything a bit ‘quirky’ or ‘unusual.’