Forewarned is 4 armed…

To allow safe operation of more than one train on the Phoenix Hill Railway, we are almost certainly going to have to install a proper signalling system.

Although planning for this hasn’t advanced very far yet, the first signal parts have arrived as a result of a fortuitous find on eBay!

Going for a very reasonable price were four metal semaphore signals arms, two stop signals and two distance.
Three of the four arms have lenses already installed, and the seller was kind enough to include spare material to make more.
We’re looking forward to getting these up on a post and working soon!

Another arrival today was a Realtrack ‘Super Sprinter’ liveried Class 156 DMU for the British OO collection.
Incredibly detailed and fitted with DCC sound, it really does put the Lima/Hornby version to shame!

Finally, another recent arrival was an 009 Minitrains Gmeinder diesel, to replace the one damaged by my previous DCC fitting escapades.

This one comes in a nice set with a selection of wagons, which will also find a good home on the Bryn Ffenics Railway.