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Now you DCC me…

Although both the BFR and the future OO and HO gauge railways will be capable of operating analogue stock, I want to run them on DCC whenever possible due to the increased flexibility and functionality.

Consequently, I’m slowly working through my analogue stock and fitting it with decoders.
Those that are DCC-ready are usually nice and easy and just involve fitting the decoder in a socket, however, I have a number of models, often older ones, which have no socket and require hard-wiring.
Over the last couple of days I’ve attempted a few of these conversions.

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Welcome to the newly launched Phoenix Hill Railways website.

This site replaces the old Little Red Train site (which was starting to show its age) and will be expanded to include our railway projects of all shapes, sizes and gauges, from 7¼ inches all the way down to 9mm.

We hope you enjoy the site.

Dan & Andrea